Original MakerBot Build

This project goes way, way, way back to 2010 when I purchased a MakerBot from the first run of printers that the company ever did. This printer goes all the way back to when MakerBot would sell you the kit of pieces and it was up to the user to solder and construct the entire printer. This project I would say was my first foray into technology that was completely out of my grasp, but it went a long way to start to get me in a place where I would be comfortable learning something new completely on my own.

That being said this printer was never able to print anything larger than a sugar cube and was extremely slow and consistently unreliable. None of this was the printers fault I just had no idea what I was doing at the time, the printer deserved a better owner. However, after this printer I would go on to build three more MakerBot printers and would get quite good at integrating 3D printing into both my architecture work as well as the other hobbies I pursue outside of work. So, in the end I guess it all worked out.