Ledger Bentonville

Completed as BIM Manager and Project Manager for Marlon Blackwell Architects

The Ledger is a new 230,000 sqft. mixed-use office building in the heart of Downtown Bentonville expanding connectivity between the workplace and the urban context. Designed to be community-centric the building focuses on providing public access and amenities. Blurring the lines of where the building begins and the sidewalk ends, pedestrian ramps extend up into the air, a continuous zig-zag of movement up the eastside of the building along Main Street, inviting the public up onto a series of stepping terraces, scaling the building to the surrounding context, inviting moments of refuge and prospect. Tracing the lines of the ramp, copper cladding provides a warm tactility akin to the warm tones of the brick buildings around the historic Square. Offering a new kind of workplace experience in Downtown Bentonville the Ledger goes beyond the typical office building, offering diverse amenities and connecting to the growing community of Northwest Arkansas.